Breakdown – 3 Top Trending Interior Design Styles

We all have heard of traditional, contemporary or modern  or (ugh) country (not my fav).  All styles have countless of shoots and variations and sub styles.  Today the buzz words are mid century, boho, modern farmhouse….And many more.  I have picked these 3 “new” categories.  Now, keep in mind these are my thoughts, opinions and perception of each.

Yes, I said country is NOT my favorite.  This is true and I said it but the modern version of the old ducky and bunny country is the Modern Farmhouse Style, which I LOVE.  It is a grown up, cleaned up, simplified and rustic country.  The mix of materials like raw wood, architectural elements, old and new metals with light clean (usually neutral) color palette is very comfortable, interesting without being overdone or “junked up”.


Next on my list is Boho or Bohemian Chic.  Well, all style labels are up for interpretation.  Boho Chic/Modern is usually  a colorful mix of  carefully picked patterns and eclectic furnishings with reproduction accessories, maybe even a tapestry.  An authentic Boho style is a mix of loved (inexpensive) items collected on adventures and the unique feel of a free spirit, a music festival, the smell of incense,   life plants and macrame, an easy breezy life without much planning or trying too hard. That is my experience being raised by hippie parents. My dad made a coffee table from pluming pipe back in the 1970s out of random extra materials found in my grandfather’s (an actual plumber) garage long before the “industrial style” of today. I loved that table, he painted all the pipe pink, orange and red. It was a maze of color! I know, I digress, but that helps define the feel of authentic Boho.


Last is Mid-Century Modern – AKA 1950s.  Again we go back to a simpler time. But this time the look is very minimal. Clean liked and well thought out and planned. Think Brady Bunch house.  It is often compared with Scandinavian or dutch design.  I love this one too. If you are lucky you can still get some original items at estate sales or garage sales.